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‘To Live’ is to be in ‘Flow’

To get stuck within the boundaries of a five dimensional (3 of space, 1 of time and the 5th of thought) claustrophobic chute, is ‘To Freeze’.

From Freeze to Flow !!

‘Linearity’ and ‘quantification’ restrict thoughts.  Growth and Action need a balance with and through ‘qualitative’ aspects and ‘non-linearity’, to allow ‘Value Creation’ in Business and in Life !!

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‘Justplainandsimple™’ provides a ‘Holistic’ and ‘Co-Evolution’ approach to Management Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Leadership Development, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Innovation, Customer Value Creation and Business Coaching.

No Tall Claims, No Big Promises, No Lofty Vision. Just Plain and Simple….. ‘Helping’ Realize Potential.

Moving from ‘Complexity to Simplicity’. Exploring ‘Causality’. With a spirit of facilitation, service, handholding in execution and helping for balanced development towards clients’ success. At each stage connecting to the senses of design (aesthetics), story (narrative), symphony (holistic), empathy (feelings), play (enhance pleasure & creativity), meaning (why). Leading through stages of reflection, introspection, awareness, realization, awakening, internalization, motivation (desire) and action. To ensure a high level of acceptance and hence a multiplicative and lasting impact.

Leadership ‘Influence Behaviors’ very often end up becoming a euphemism for force, coercion, push, fear, pressure. Leadership has A Spirituality about it. Genuineness, Grace, Beauty, Love, Joyfulness, Care, Concern, Service, Interconnectedness, Integrity and Self Awareness. ‘Leading from front or back ?’ ‘Like a shepherd or Pied Piper!?’

Leadership is like an exhaust fan; creating An Energy Flow quietly on the sideTM.

Leadership Development and Coaching processes need to embrace the concepts of Flow, Influence, Non Impact, Dynamic Equilibrium and ‘Choice’ to follow a leader

And that is what The Justplainandsimple™ Way is. To harmoniously co-evolve options and solutions, leading to collaborative action ….. And Flow!!

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Brutal Simplicity of Thought :

A thing of beauty is a joy forever – John Keats

To be or not to be, that is the question – Shakespeare

I have a dream – Martin Luther King


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