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What is classified as a ‘Group’ for ‘Group Coaching’ initiatives ?

  • Any two or more people.
  • Couples.
  • Families.
  • Corporate Teams.
  • Committees.
  • Groups in training situations where they don’t know each other very well.

Definition of ‘Group Coach’

A Group Coach is NOT a Trainer. They use Coaching tools to:

  • work with couples, families and groups by helping them identify solutions to issues/goals.
  • work with corporate teams/committees/training groups to help the group identify group issues/goals and solutions to those issues/goals. He/She is like a Facilitator simply using the tools to assist the group in identifying solutions to issues/goals which will help them move forward as a team.

Role of Group Coach

  • To advance the group to develop innovative solutions quickly and move past their stuckness.
  • To remove all judgments of self and others
  • To be in loving presence and practice mindfulness all the time.
  • Mentor during the Planning Section if needed.
  • Have fun

When to Group Coach ?

  • Families, corporate groups etc. : They can be brought into a group coaching situation.
  • When it is beneficial to all the individuals as well as to the whole group to develop solutions.
  • To prevent the spread of an emotional forest fire.
  • Each person in the group must attend of their own free will. Make sure they each sign the Coaching Contract and ask them to pay attention to the part that asks them if they are doing this of their own free will.
quotes In all religions of the world you will find it claimed that there is unity within us. Being one with divinity, there cannot be any further progress in that sense. Knowledge means finding this unity. ~ Swami Vivekananda quotes


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