Strategy and Self-Acceptance

thKX2V243NStrategy is like a ‘Guide Map’ in a neighborhood locality. To figure out how to reach House No.245, one has to first anchor the ‘You Are Here’ position. Then, the route to take is the strategy.

In Business Strategy or Personal Leadership Strategy ….. or in any kind of strategy for that matter, be it even strategy for personal finance, the step after establishing ‘Intentionality’, is anchoring the ‘You Are Here’. Also called Situation Analysis in business strategy theory.

This calls for a frank look at SWOT, environmental factors, stage in life, Value Systems, Passion, etc. etc., ‘ACCEPTING’ the ‘AS IS’ and building the same into the strategy equation.JPS_CCE_Units_certificate_Prasad_17th Dec

In a nonlinear system, sensitive dependence on initial conditions can cause huge differences at later stages. The Butterfly Effect ….. The theoretical example of a hurricane being influenced by minor disturbances due to the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier.

Hence the significance of Introspection, Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance  …..

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