Strategy and Thankfulness

images (18)There is a lot of material on detailed analysis in strategy formulation. There will be, to some extent, thoughts and discussions on the need for a holistic, right brained, creative input as well. To fine tune and polish up the overall strategy. To make sure all the pieces fit in together with each other and with The WHOLE.

However, whatever literature and science of strategy I have come across, the Value of Thankfulness has never been used in the same breath, talk, sentence, chapter or even book as strategy 🙂

I guess it is that ‘soft’, superficial kind of thing that finds no place in the world of ‘Super Intelligent and Rational Strategy’ discussions.

Like the start of any activity, one could initiate the process of strategy formulation with ‘Thankfulness’ towards all stakeholders. Employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers ….. competition !? ….. The Universal Power !? Towards our products !? To all those who brought things up to where they are today. A ritual as with so many good things that we start !!

“May do it once, but strategy is a very dynamic thing, you know; like having to constantly dance on your feet in a boxing ring”, someone would say. So great, let’s express Gratitude and Thankfulness all the time !!images (17)

This simple Value, expressed genuinely and timely, can create so much Harmony and Flow in the preparation, building and execution of strategy. Enthusiastic participation can bring in richness, diversity and depth of thoughts and insights from one and all with full ownership and accountability.

Endless cups of coffee and stressful curses can be eased somewhat with nice sincere ‘Thanks’ on the way, making the process so much lighter, so much fun and full of life. The sheer positivity in the ecosystem can make strategy thinking much more creative, energetic, joyful, effective and insightful.

He that gives should never remember, he that receives should never forget. ~ The Talmud



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