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The First ‘Certified Power Coach®’ Designation in India (ICF certified)

JP Singh of Justplainandsimple Consulting Pvt. Ltd. of Delhi is the first Indian Executive to receive the CLI Certified Power Coach® designation from Coaching and Leadership International Inc. (CLI) of Canada.


As released to the Press: Delhi, August 19, 2013

Mr. Singh, former Managing Director for Bausch & Lomb, South Asia, has received over 150 hours of supervised training to become a highly skilled Executive and Leadership Coach.

The process to become a CLI Certified Power Coach® for Executive Coaching is extremely rigorous. Mr. Singh first wrote a 10 hour exam in which he made history. Mr. Singh is the first person in the world to write a perfect paper and receive 100. Following the written exam, Mr. Singh conducted two oral exams where he confirmed to his CLI Assessor that he coaches masterfully.

Mr. Singh is the recipient of many other awards including:

  • Super Achiever Award from Centre for Change Management
  • Shiromani Vikas Award from Shiromani Institute
  • Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from National & International Compendium.

CLI Executive Instructors, Betska K-Burr and John Burr, travel extensively from Western Canada to India to share their award-winning coaching methodologies and unique leadership tools with Executives and Leaders wishing to become Executive and Life Coaches.

Rey Carr, the watchdog of the coaching and mentoring industry, has this to say “… probably the most revolutionary and effective model of coaching to be developed in the last ten years – Betska K-Burr’s Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK).”

Indian Executives, like Executives around the world, are discovering the huge value that Executive Coaches bring to them such as enhanced engagement of staff, problem solving skills, faster goal achievement, becoming an indispensable instrument of positive change for their organization, life balance and so on. Executives realize that even the brightest of them have blind spots which a CLI Certified Power Coach® can quickly and easily help them find and overcome.

Mr. Singh will be presented with his certificate by a CLI Co-President when Mr. Burr arrives in Delhi the first week of October 2013.

Upon hearing of his certification, Mr. Singh had this to say, “My Power Coaching® journey is Super Joyful, Blissful and Rewarding because I connect with my Higher Power through it and hence enables and empowers me to fulfill my mission, ‘To help organisations and individuals in realising their potential by facilitating through:  Strategic & Management Consulting  &/or Coaching to Enhance their Capabilities in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Innovation, Leadership and Customer Experience. My Vision is, ‘To be Valued for Helping Realise Potential through Facilitation, Hand-holding and Co-evolution / Co-creation’“.


Congratulations JP
JP – We send our heartiest congratulations for a job well done. Your commitment and your efforts have been obvious since you first began your APC training. Best wishes for great success in this wonderful Coaching World. Betska K-Burr & John Burr, CLI Co-Presidents

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