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That was a very nice piece on customer service. I always enjoy reading the pieces sent by you. They give me further ideas on how to conduct my business


We need your guidance to keep all of us focussed on the straight and narrow. This is the very basic ingredient for success.


I am sure the entire team will benefit from the guidance and support of a stalwart like you and your guidance and help will be most appreciated by all of us. Looking forward a significant and successful year 20XX. I am sure that with the team which we have now and a person like you guiding the team strategically, we can be the most admired company in India very soon.


We are grateful to you. Dear Mr. Singh, I wish to convey my deepest gratitude to you for sparing your valuable time for designing and imparting such a wonderful and practical training programme for us. All of us, including the participants and the Chiefs of locations are extremely thankful to you. The training went off very well. Hope to have a long term relationship with you.


It was a pleasure on our side. I am sure that our candidates are all charged up and will soon become the brand ambassadors of XYZ.


Thanks very much for wonderful, invigorating training sessions for our staff. I feel and am very much sure that the staff has been sensitized to this very important aspect of their Job Profiles. I am sure this small step will go a long way in fulfilling the vision and mission of our organisation. Hoping this concept blossoms and flowers across the organization. Regards,


Dear Mr. Singh, After reading the true story of XYZ Bakery in detail, I was highly thrilled.  I am fully convinced that continuous improvement is the real secret of success.  Japanese who were badly devastated by the second world war have come up very strongly to face the super powers only due to their firm conviction in 'continuous improvement'.  Thanks for sending a highly inspiring story of success. Regards,


Dear JP, The analysis is perfect. I am glad that we could pull it off prior to audit. Now I know where to look for help. You have gained an admirer. Thank you so much. Regards,


Pleasure has been ours too ! Students thoroughly enjoyed ! I was also moved by the film on leadership. I wish to see it again. Perhaps I shall borrow from you sometime during your next visit . Propose you become a friend of our institute and you have a standing invitation to attend whatever you wish to and you can come here anytime - treat this as your institute !   Welcome as a Friend Forever


Thanks JP. You did a very good job to facilitate the discussions. It is important to keep the momentum going in the next few meetings towards our eventual goal of ABC - India being a self sustainable operation. I hope I can be part of those initial meetings. Hopefully see you in October.


Dear JP, Thanks so much for such a detailed presentation in such a short time. The answers to our questions at the end are quite clear, especially in the light of the previous slides. Sure..the brand concepts & the strategy suggested by you need further discussion. We will do that in due course. In the meanwhile, the clarifications sent by you will really come handy in deciding our immediate course of action tomorrow. Thanks so much for your timely help. Regards & Good Night,


The training imparted by you to our staff has kindled in them a desire to look within themselves, so as to assess themselves and chart a road map for their personal growth in which lies the growth of the organisation. The session's were enjoyed by all as they were practical, realistic and the practices advocated were achievable by the common person. The session's were great. Personally I got to know you and knowing you is great. We shall continue to meet whenever we get time.


Thanks JP. Without question, your association with us has been very useful. A number of processes have helped us and we need to continue the same to build a streamlined management. Your continuation is critical for that.


Thank you for those words. They are wonderful and are as important, if not more, than trying to reduce waiting time by 10% or 20%. A kind heart can heal anything whereas hands can heal only some.

Head of Business


I personally and professionally benefitted from your Power Coaching sessions. They helped me to deep dive into my challenges and find ways to resolve them by developing a precise action plan. These sessions changed my way of thinking and enhanced my outlook. Thank you very much for all the learnings

Sr. Business Leader


I have immensely benefitted on Professional and Personal fronts from the Power Coaching sessions that you have conducted for me ! This has helped me : 1)To discover my Unconscious/icebergs of values, fears and beliefs ….. which eventually has helped me to understand myself better in terms of my Strengths , Limitations (Areas to work Upon). 2)The process of navigating Point 1 was so enriching that it helped me to really work out solutions simultaneously due to your extraordinary facilitation & sound understanding of my current mind set. Preparing the comprehensive Purpose statement for each Issue/Area of Improvement has helped me to face any kind of challenge that I keep encountering. 3) This coaching has given me the evident result in my Personal life (Stay in control & address any issue smoothly) & has given me better control of my business & team, which has grown leaps and bound in last 6 Months !!

NGO Leader


Through Power Coaching I can redefine myself and it helps me to discover my inner strength. My confidence level reaches a new height, which I can feel now and results are shown in my work efficiency. Your coaching helps me gain such things which I never imagined before. Actually I can say Power Coaching just doubled my capacity to work and at the same time to manage my family life in a very efficient manner. Thanks a lot for your support and advices.

Consultant Surgeon


The sessions that Justplainandsimple Consulting Services offers, are extremely helpful for self understanding and self improvement in different areas of life. The coach is a living example of compassion, wisdom, selflessness and yet highly professional and confidential. I have no words to thank Justplainandsimple Consulting Services and JP in person... keep going... keep changing lives...

Sr. Business Executive


I have truly rediscovered myself & a new me is born with more focus, clarity & confidence. This has been possible because of your coaching, the personal touch, care that you always give to make the interaction truly deep & worthwhile. We had nearly 5 coaching sessions wherein we focused on very important areas ranging from me as a person to improving my competencies to meet my professional & personal GOALS. I feel this is one of the best supports my organization has given me & my competencies are improving by the day. I look forward to the interaction every time as it keeps me focused & is helping me meet my GOALS. Thank you for making me see the NEW ME.

Vallabhbhai Chotalia
Sales Manager / India Today


It was indeed brief working tenure with JPS but that has been the best of my sales path of 32+years now. JPS had been the sharpest skilled motivator and is always a finest, friendly person.

Nehal Deliwala


JP is a perfect example of a visionary and multitasking individual. JP is extremely focused on what he wants to achieve in life. I worked for JP about 12 years ago and proudly say that he was the most proactive, dynamic, creative and farsighted, without ever being overly aggressive or ambitious in the company. He had through understanding of business and clear market position of the product. I have no hesitation in recommending JPS.

Deepak Malaviya


Mr. JP Singh posses one of the sharpest marketing brain, a quick thinker & decision maker, under whose leadership team members always feel confident of support & assured of being taken care of.

Louis J Rao
Owner at Ernest Lifestyle & Vision Care


JP had an eye for the future , passionate,leads by example, he invited creativity with lot of zest and vigour. He has made Managers better effective leaders. He created the eyecare revolution in India. A teacher and a great Boss from whom I have learned a lot.

Udar Shankar
Senior Manager Datacenter / Network & Security at CPA GLOBAL


I learnt a lot under his guidance at Bausch & Lomb. He is very honest and dedicated towards his work. He always supported his employees and encourage them to do there best in there work. I wish him all the best for his future.

Ranjeet kumar
Zonal Sales Manager at Aircel


JP Boss was meticulous and a Great Leader. He used to lead the team by examples and had a Great Vision. I did not get a chance to report directly to him but would love to do so. I wish him Good Luck for his new Endeavour.

Hari Narasimhan
Regional Sales Manager at Abbott Medical Optics


JP, is my Real Leader who taught me my own strength.

Simant Mukund
RSM with Maui Jim Sun Optics Ind. Pvt. Ltd.


JP sir can create a team like no one else can. I was lucky to be part of a team "inseparable". Everyone in team had only one entity, Bausch & Lomb. It was like DNA in our blood was replaced by Bausch & Lomb. And it was hand work of JP sir. I have never seen a team like that, or feel belongingness like that, probably will not see ever again.

Dr. Hemanth Paul
CEO at B-ABLE (Basix Academy For Building Lifelong Employability)


Few people bring as much passion and insight to life in general and business specifically, as JP does! I have learnt so many things from this 'guru' its hard to recount all. A unique leader who is willing to get his hands dirty and feel deeply for the cause and the people he works with. JP would be an asset to any group, team, organization or individual!

Periakaruppan Muthupalaniappan
Vice President / Technical Services at Vasan Healthcare Private Ltd.


JP Sir is a highly energetic and an outstanding leader to work with. A wonderful human being, excellent motivator who cultivated many employees like me in Bausch & Lomb and he had been and will be a source of inspiration for many of us. I feel myself proud to be associated and worked with JP sir under his leadership in Bausch & Lomb. I wish him all success.

Amit Singhal
Sr VP Operations at Jesons Industries Limited


I had the opportunity of knowing & working with JP for a long time. He is one of those rare leaders who naturally serve as an inspiring mentor for everyone in the organization. After hiving off the RayBan business globally, his natural leadership skills took Bausch & Lomb India to even greater heights. On & Off the field he has been a wonderful human being !!!

Carl managed JP indirectly at Bausch + Lomb. Carl Sassano / Board Member at Medifast, Inc.


JP Singh as Managing Director, significantly grew Bausch & Lomb's business in India. Operating results consistently increased year over year. He is very customer oriented and did an excellent job of guiding the sales and marketing as well as the management of the solutions manufacturing facility. He was an asset to Bausch & Lomb International.

Harsh Vardhan
Co-founder, Strategic Marketing Group


I have known JP since '97 and was closely associated with him as his Direct Marketing agency. As a leader he was phenomenal, someone who could lead his teams to high performance levels, which showed in B&L's leadership status in the market. JP had this great quality to recognize a potential idea and make a go of it. It was largely due to his ability to take risks that so many new initiatives, some of them first of their kind in the industry, were implemented that led B&L to dominate its market. JP is an excellent person to deal with and it was a pleasure to have been associated with him.

Apoorva Deshingkar
Country Head - Sales (India & Middle East) at GIA


Seeing JPS managing everyday business-affairs was much like seeing a sophisticated digital camera device in operation. He could switch easily between close-ups and long-shots, focus on troublesome data-points while viewing the complete picture in his experienced depth-of-field. The superior data-capture was coupled with his sharp brain - the data-processing unit - and the results were unsurprisingly striking! I miss listening to his philosophical take on everyday situations - often drawing a parallel between Hindu mythology and Management Science. It is only logical to find him sharing his leadership and coaching prowess as he enjoys every sip of life before he sees, smells and swirls it like a glass of seasoned wine.

Padmaja Chinta
IP attorney and Trial lawyer


JP is a true leader in every sense of the word. He had a vision, knew how to rally the troops and inspire loyalty in the team. Great at devising strategy and executing it from the bottom up. Oversaw successful launch of specialty contact lenses and created a market where none existed. Knew how to take tough decisions and have the team be excited about it! Extremely well respected in the company. His business management skills are an invaluable resource for any company. Glad to have worked at BLI at the same time as him. All the best to him!

Eric Wong
Vice President - Business Processes


JP was one of the top-notch leaders I have ever met. Under JP's leadership, B&L India was the fastest growing region in Asia. JP also made the smart decision to transform the ERP system in B&L India that had laid a strong foundation to build the future growth of the company.

Kamal Sarbadhikari
retired CEO, SensiVida Medical Technologies, Inc.


It is a pleasure to recommend JP. He is a great strategic thinker, an excellent team builder and a master of executing Operating Plans. JP was the Managing Director of Bausch & Lomb India when I was running B&L's Ophthalmic Surgical Division, a $540 MM global business. Under his leadership, his team invariably delivered the top and the bottom line numbers, quarter after quarter, year after year. JP was one of the most outstanding GM's of Bausch & Lomb.

Manish Sardana
Group Business Manager for three businesses at a medical device MNC


JP has worked with me as a Coach while I was the team leader for the Indian operations. JP has played a crucial role in fine tuning my crude ways and was instrumental in the smooth business transition we together got thru. He is a great friend and a greater human being.

Jhuma Ganguly
Business and Whole Life Coach


JP has been a great coach and mentor for me. I have learnt so much from him. Thanks JP!!

Betska K-Burr
Known as The Guru Coach, CLI Co-President I Executive & Life Coach I Best-Selling Author I Keynote Speaker I HR Tools


Aside from the comments expressed above, JP is a person you can trust with even the most sensitive issues. And this makes him extremely valuable to you and your teams.


JP is an extraordinary Executive Coach. His brilliant IQ along with a well established EQ allow him to accelerate his Executive Clients to become outstanding whole brain thinkers who lead with both logic and heart. JP creates genius thinkers thus making life so much easier for business Executives.


JP became a student of Coaching and Leadership International Inc. to learn Executive and Life Coaching. From the first moment of our meeting I could tell he would be a serious student. He was already hugely successful as a business leader; yet, he knew that a coaching skillset with CLI's Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics would help him provide even greater Return on Investment to his Clients.

Karan Bhandari
Management Consultant, Director at S&S Associates, Director at Eye-Q Vision


My association with JP goes back a long way. Always a great team player and leader, he brought a very astute point of view into every exercise. His business acumen and management skills are invaluable in the consulting arena as well.

Harsh V Chopra
Founding Partner at SME Consulting


Jugesh lead the turnaround of Bausch & Lomb's contact lens business from an ailing fledgling start up to a mature profitable operation by streamlining distribution and logistics and introducing new products.He has a hands-on no nonsense style of operation and leads from the front. Decisive and clear in his thinking he is a great turnaround specialist.

Anil Sachdeva
Vice President and Controller / Finance at NetAmbit Infosource & e-Services Pvt. Ltd.


I had a chance of working closely with Mr. J P Singh while he was managing Bausch & Lomb . JPS (as we used to call him) is a born leader and an enthusiast to the core. He knows what exactly is required from each one member of the team in order to reach a common organisational goal and would strive to achieve it. A professional with a clear mind and focus, whose best practices can definitely be emulated and a person who can be looked upon for guidance at any point of time or for any issue on hand. It was great working with him and have some new learning on a continuous basis.

Teck Chwee Tan
Principal Assessor at SPRING Singapore


JP is a well-rounded and knowledgeable executive with strong conceptual and communications skills coupled with extensive hands-on field experience. He listens and understands ideas, situations with a quick open mind and brings good insights and value-adding advice in a highly professional manner.

Shiv Kumar
Experienced Leader and now mentor with diverse experience in Luxury,Consumer Goods and Retail Industries


JP represents a unique blend of High Task and High People orientation on the Blake Mouton Grid and knows how to get results but by managing his teams well. The ability to structure unstructured thoughts and bring clarity to unclear solutions, coach and mentor is his hallmark and the unique blend of strategised actions and actionable strategies, ensured that he is a success in whatever he does. He is an accomplished painter and the eye for detail reflects in his business and professional life. Its great to be associated with him once again in Master Mentors.

Eng Chuan Foo
Chief Operating Officer / South-east Asia at DSG International


JP is a person-oriented manager who understands the importance of having the proper tools to support the right people in producing the right results. It is appropriate that he has chosen to focus on helping people to have the right tools in his current role.

Sanjeev Kalhan
Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Communication Media Products (I) Pvt. Ltd


I have known JP for several years now and have had the chance to observe him very closely. JP has a very clear and analytic bent of mind with an ability to cut through and reach the core issues. Sessions with him have been engrossed and thought provoking helping me do some out of the box thinking. His creative and practical insights on strategy, customer and service values are worth reading and implementing in any customer oriented organization. Whenever I need an objective and critical viewpoint, JP is one of the first friends I always look forward to.

Neeraj Dabral
Founder Director / innovation21


Mr J.P.Singh or JPS (as we used to address him) is a hardcore, dedicated and very articulate professional.He has a sharp business acumen as well as excellent people management skills. I feel fortunate to have worked under his able leadership. He is a gem of a person and would always stand by you.You always know where you stand with JPS which is refreshing and makes it easier to produce quality work in a group environment.

Raul Verma
Circle Business Head / North at Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd.


JP is a high voltage manager, with boundless energy capable of keeping the team going. He's a master of team building and motivation. I have learnt a lot from him about team building and cohesion which helps me till today in working with my teams

Cristina Cremenescu
Instructor at Coaching and Leadership International Inc.


I appreciate JP for his availability, his positive feed-back, powerful suggestions, his curiosity and his commitment to be in service. Each interaction with JP give me the opportunity to make a step forward.

Irina Andrei
Executive and Life Coach at COACHING


During my collaboration with JP, I had a great chance to meet a valuable and profound person, which masterfully offered me his support, being all the time so prompt, full of creativity and with a high power of analyze. With his profound clarity, JP challenged me to raise the quality and vibration of my work. Thank you!

Meg Graham
Vice President


JP and I were colleagues at Bausch & Lomb where he earned an exceptional reputation for insightful business acumen, outstanding strategic analysis and planning, and ethical management. It was a pleasure both to work with him and to learn from him. In a high pressure, fast paced, bottom line corporate environment, JP always had the ability to find balance and focus, and elevate the human connections that translated into success.

Uday Sodhi
Executive Vice President and Head / Digital Business at Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. (Sony Entertainment)


JP is a great peoples person, an exceptional business leader and someone iv looked up to. I have had the good fortune of watching him closely and learning from him. He is a great motivator and a result oriented person which makes it an amazing combination. He has been a great mentor and coach to all his team mates. Best wishes to JP in whatever he does.

Vidhu Sagar
Executive Vice President / Carat Media India


JP was a client of mine at Bausch & Lomb India when I was leading the business from FCB Ulka Advertising. I found JP, who was the MD at B&L India then, extremely sharp and insightful regarding most marketing decisions that we discussed together. His vast experience in the eye care industry and rich background obviously helped. However, unlike many CEOs you meet during the course of business, JP had an uncanny knack of a) anticipating a problem before it arose and b) creating plans to handle the problems through foresight and extremely simple thinking. His differentiation also lies in the fact that unlike most leaders, JP has always laid emphasis on taking his team along. You'd be hard-pressed to find a manager who ever worked with JP and who didn't learn or grow in terms of enrichment during that tenure with JP. His methods are quite simple to learn and easy to emulate. I'm sure his advice would be extremely valuable for anyone who chooses to work with him, just as I found it to be during my experience.

Jaspal Bajwa
Management Consultant & Executive Coach


I have known JP for over 20 years . As a a business leader he led his teams from the front and he has been a role-model for the credo of Authenticity in Leadership. JP always goes into the depth of issues and is able to focus on those that matter– whether related to building the Business or understanding what will bring the best out in each member of the team.He takes the time to understand and then brings to bear his deep experience as a senior business leader and his command of various disciplines. He never forces the issue - depending on context, he facilitates for the most natural and relevant solution to emerge thru consensus. I would strongly recommend JP as a business consultant, and as a coach for high potential business leaders who are keen to evolve to the next level in leadership.

Avinash Soni
Branch Head


JP has a vast experience across the industry segments and strives to provide best of the results for his clients.

John Burr
Sr. Professional Coach & Trainer / Co-President at Coaching and Leadership International Inc.


JP is committed to assist his clients to make great strides towards a more balanced, productive and abundant life. He reflects the CLI Power Coaching philosophy of ensuring that every session is 'All about the client' and is open to exploring all 7 areas of life and all 4 levels of existence to maximize the benefit to his clients in every PCMK Coaching session. I am honoured to continue working with JP as an instructor, a coach, a client and a friend.

APS Bhalla
Chief Operating Officer at Eye Q Super speciality Eye Hospitals


Karamyogi" is the most apt word to describe JPS. With a rare blend of EQ and IQ he has an uncanny ability to tap the enormous human potential to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. I had a good fortune to work in his team during my formative years in management. I owe most of my personal and professional success to the rich lessons I learnt under his mentoring. JP's passion for helping people discover their latent potential ,makes him a natural coach. Over the years he has nurtured many professional, who are holding senior leadership positions in varied industries today . His unassuming persona and genuine desire to help gives you comfort to allow him to walk straight into your heart and mind. I wish there are many more like me who can reap the benefit of his Midas touch. Cheers!

Ajay Mehra
Head, Non-Auto, Distribution / Tata International Ltd


JP and I worked together first in Calcutta over two decades back , where he stood out as a very balanced and budding leader , with a strong business focus supported by a people orientation. Keeping in touch with JP over the years as a close friend , he has matured into a well rounded business manager and leader , leaving a mark in all the assignments he held. His experience and very affable personality makes him a mentor for managers and people on a growth path.Its always a pleasure to interact with JP.

CA. Ravi Kumar Bashyam
Chartered Accountant & owner of B. Ravi Kumar & Co.


Having known JP for more than 15 years, if I were to describe him in Just Plain & Simple words, he is a person who is down to earth, highly energetic, a quick thinker, Inspiring, a Strategist, a Business leader, a Mentor, a Coach, a Visionary, a Value creator and above all a role model for many, including me. Learnt a lot from him.

Manmohan Uniyal
Director at Ace Health Consulting


JP is the name I always remember for his out of the box thinking and mentoring people. He is a great strategist, thinker, planner and a detail oriented man. I remember very interesting board meetings and discussions where he showed his charisma and we were able to achieve maximum. A man having such a passion and energy is unbelievable. Wish him all the best.

Sanjeev Kaboo
Head Customer & Trade Marketing


JPS Sir, one of the nicest human beings i ever have come across; he is someone who has had a profound impact on my life...I believe more than a Life Coach he is a Life Mentor/Friend/Confidante everyone would love to have in their lives. Although I had a long & far-off working association with him, while in Bausch & Lomb, but certainly had very few occasions to work closely for him. Believe me, as distance learners have reached to above conclusion based on few following facts: • JPS really wants good things to happen to indidual & your loved ones...And he will show you how it can be done. • He really wants you to perform to your maximum potential & not settle for anything less...Again, he will show you how it can be done. • He will highlight & appreciate whatever is good about you...but then will also jolt, shake; challenge all your belief systems that have been blocking your success. • He will be really persistent & would not let you go back to your old comfort zone....he will call & keep tab on your progress. • He would really want you to Smile more & worry less. • He will really make you believe that "Magic Can Happen in Life"...All you have to do is make a start in the positive direction & not look back. Thanks, JPS Sir! for lighting our lives with your positive energy. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to change his/her life in a friendly way.

Ruchi Aggarwal
Director Marketing India / Partner Channel Marketing and Strategy / Microsoft India


I could not have worked with a more effective business coach for the Microsoft partner network in India, than JP. From the start of the engagement, he took the time to do a deep understanding of the situation I presented and designed the interactions to ensure they delivered in the most effective format. Over 2 quarters, he engaged teams of 30 Key partners, across 6 cities – with total ease, connecting with them not only a professional level, but more importantly struck the right cord at a personal level. His format and approach is scientifically planned, but lands like an art – skilful, adept and collaborative. Results of his coaching sessions are already visible through feedback from my partners in the network. I am pleased to endorse JP as a highly effective and collaborative business coach.

Vivek Mendonsa
Marketing Director / Lawrence & Mayo Group


In 1992 when Bausch & Lomb was launched in India ,J.P. Singh was one of the few Regional Executives to join the company ,through sheer hard work ,creative thinking ,being a TEAM Leader - J.P. could rise to Regional Manager in Mumbai ,than move to Delhi and finally become the Managing Director of the company .His legendary Ray- Ban days which became Red -Ball Days to garner the Best Sales before the Month could close .His creativity & his team spirit made ' Bausch & Lomb' Contact lenses a name on all the youths eyes, memories and tongues with the most effective 'Nation wide College Program ever done in the Eye Care space . Mr.J.P.Singh has now taken on a new avtar of an Executive Coach & Mentor ,Just Plain Speaking is who he actually is ,right from the gut ,he will tell you the truth in simple words and understanding so that it sinks in the hardest head or nut to crack . I have watched him in action at Indian Vision Institute ( IVI ) hired by Vinod Daniel ,he did an excellent job of mentoring that Young Youth Leaders which IVI had chosen to groom . Many don't admit wanting or needing a coach but the most successful people have a battery of support and unflinching guidance from coaches . I highly recommend Mr.J.P.Singh to a select few who want it ' Plain & Simple ' ,to learn ,relearn , earn & return.

Murlidhar Menon
Retail Consultancy / CB Richard Ellis


I was lucky to have had the opportunity work with JP during the early stages of my career. One of the best Bosses I have ever worked for, JP was a very demanding yet understanding boss. He believed in challenging his team to bring out the best in them and yet keeping everyone motivated and enthusiastic about the project at hand. Always concerned about each team member's well being, he took a personal interest in the welfare of his team. He was always able to lay down the objectives and goals clearly making it relatively easy to deliver results even under the most challenging circumstances and tight deadlines - in other words " Just Plain & Simple" aptly describes his working & leadership style. I personally learnt a lot being part of his team and still look back fondly to cherish our tenure together as part of the same team where we had fun not only at work but also otherwise sharing camaraderie as a cohesive well knit team. To summarize, JP was a great boss to work, for always inspiring and challenging us to bring out the best in each one.

K.Y. Shankar
Director Supply Chain at Bausch & Lomb


JP was an inspirational leader with a clear focus on company's vision. A very hard task master with an eye for details and stickler to commitment & timelines. He created a very open and transparent culture with strong emphasis for innovation, people could voice their views without any fear. His biggest strength was his connect to people across all levels and roles/functions both on professional and personal front. His passion was people development through mentoring, coaching and counselling. Without doubt I would rate him as one of the best certified Executive Coach. Wishing him best Luck.

Aarti Irani
Independent Events Services Professional


JP has been one of the best clients that i have worked with. A detailed oriented person who knew his area of business extremely well. His respect for his co partners is immense and he truly believes in giving his business partners freedom to understand his business needs and then deliver the results . He always believed in calling his agency his business partners and hence achieving the results together.

Krishna Roy
Business Partner (CIO) / -Diageo India, Head Special Projects


I had the privilege to work with JPS for almost 7 years. I remember him as a strategic leader with exceptional drive & focus towards flawless execution. A brilliant coach. A leader who inspires the best and walks the talk. A perfectionist and very hard taskmaster yet he is probably the most humane Manager I have ever worked with in my professional career. His natural flair to connect with people across levels and function is unique and inspiring. I have personally have benefited from his direction and coaching during B&L and thereafter. My time in B&L is truly memorable owing to the winning culture he created with his directional nudges while giving each of us freedom to operate and succeed. It is an honor to endorse a leader who is inspirational, great fun to work and last but definitely not the least- A compassionate human being. Wishing him the best always!!!

Trupti Bhandari
General Manager Marketing / - Nutrition at Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare


Its been a great pleasure for me to work with JP in Bausch and Lomb. An extremely inspiring leader, JP manages to get the best out of his team. His guidance and support goes beyond just work which has really helped me in becoming a better professional. JP came across as a rare combination of smart business acumen with great people management qualities which emerged because of his genuine concern for people. Thanks JP - I have learnt a lot from you.

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