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‘JustplainandsimpleTM’ Innovation Thinking

Problem Solving/Decision Making/Root Cause Analysis and Innovation Tools (Kepner & Fourie Certified Methodologies) to help Clients in :13-inspiring-quotes-about-design-13-1024 2


  • Innovation : A collaborative process that facilitates development of Creativity and Innovation Thinking for solutions, new products, services, processes, technical issues ….. Uses ‘Expansive-Focusing’ and ‘Right-Left Brain’ techniques to stream in Innovative IDEAS !!
  • Prioritization : Building consensus on Priorities based on Key Parameters for Success
  • Root Cause Analysis : Systematically isolating variables for Root Causes Analysis of problems, issues, deviations. Enables all stakeholders to perceive ‘Root Cause’ the same way without blame fixing and jumping to subjective conclusions
  • Solution Development : Innovative and analytical process that helps in selecting, creating and developing best solutions for stated requirements
  • Risk Analysis : Identifying potential risks and development of avoiding actions


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I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity – Oliver Wendell Holmes


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