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Result Oriented Karmayogi : An Oxymoron

“Wanted : A Result Oriented Leader ….. ”. One sees so much communication with this heading. There is also an entire ‘Result Oriented Management’ theme that is professed.

Focus is on results i.e. targets, topline, bottomline, P/E, stock value. Quantified end results that are chased month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year. Closing date pressures create stress and work life imbalances. Hypertension and heart diseases occur at younger and younger ages for a leader.

Krishna, on the other hand, spoke of Karmayoga. He professed focus on ‘action’ rather than ‘result’ for a leader or in fact for anyone. If the action is right, result is only an ‘effect’ ….. The causality aspect of The Universe !!

With so much focus on the end result, is it any surprise that we have so many extreme issues ?? Lehman, Satyam ….. corpses strewn all over in the corporate graveyard because of or inspite of the much touted ‘results oriented’ approach. Continue reading

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