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Strategy and Cleanliness


“Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.”

―Benjamin Disraeli

In the context of Strategy and its correlation with  the Value of Cleanliness, focus is on clarity of mind. Physical cleanliness and hygiene, however, continue to be important always ….. premises, building design/layout, infrastructure,  ….. and do play a strong role in cleanliness and health of mind and body.

Specifically related to Strategy, is the role of Cleanliness in terms of cutting out noise and clutter of thought …..right from the definition of the Strategic issue to execution of actions with neatly and clearly defined scope, roles, timelines.Cleanliness

Jim Collins, in his well known Hedgehog Principle, in a way refers to a ‘squeaky clean’ and crystal clear mental state while defining areas of passion, expertise and economic engine drivers. Such clarity is actually the outcome of a well defined, neat and clean thought process and allows selection of highly effective Strategic options !!

An organization that continues to ‘clean’ and polish its shared understanding of Values, Strategic Priorities, Vision, Culture, Decision Processes, Reward and Review Mechanisms, stays Attractive and Healthy !!


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That which cannot be expressed by speech …..


Painting by JPSingh

That which cannot be expressed by speech,

That by which speech is expressed.

Know That alone to be Brahman, not this –

this which (people) worship.

Kenopanishad I : 5

The Supreme God, Brahman, Atman is Consciousness which enlivens the organ of speech to speak. The Subject within which animates speech. It is not an object of speech. Speech cannot express Brahman. Brahman causes the organs of action to function, breathes life into them.

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Strategy and Self-Acceptance

thKX2V243NStrategy is like a ‘Guide Map’ in a neighborhood locality. To figure out how to reach House No.245, one has to first anchor the ‘You Are Here’ position. Then, the route to take is the strategy.

In Business Strategy or Personal Leadership Strategy ….. or in any kind of strategy for that matter, be it even strategy for personal finance, the step after establishing ‘Intentionality’, is anchoring the ‘You Are Here’. Also called Situation Analysis in business strategy theory.

This calls for a frank look at SWOT, environmental factors, stage in life, Value Systems, Passion, etc. etc., ‘ACCEPTING’ the ‘AS IS’ and building the same into the strategy equation.JPS_CCE_Units_certificate_Prasad_17th Dec

In a nonlinear system, sensitive dependence on initial conditions can cause huge differences at later stages. The Butterfly Effect ….. The theoretical example of a hurricane being influenced by minor disturbances due to the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier.

Hence the significance of Introspection, Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance  …..

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